Nature Med Frammenti

Leverantör: Nature Med | Kategori: Lakrits - Plåtask 40 gr
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Nature Med Frammenti
Lakritskross smaksatt med Anis

Traditionell lakritspastill med en touch av anis i traditionell 40 gr plåtask.
Nu i ny snygg design med totalt 4 varianter.


Liquorice extract (99.9%)*. Natural flavours: anice*. (*= from organic agriculture)

Typical nutritional values 100g - Reg. (UE) 2018/848
Energy value: Kcal 320 - kJ 1360
Fat: g 0,4
   of which saturates: g 0,05
Carbohydrates: g 64
   of which sugar: g 4
Fiber: g 5
Protein: g 13
Salt: g 0,03
Glycyrrhizin (average value): g 2

Organic certification
Control for the organic certification present on the product (Reg 834/07): ICEA (IT BIO 006)
Operator code: R055
Product origin: Calabria (South Italy - Italian agricolture)
P.D.O. from Calabria certification
Control for the D.O.P certification P.O.D . “Licorice from Calabria”: Consorzio di tutela
Operator Code: LQZ003

Product code: FPS23AM001
EAN Code: 80595014
Shelf life: 5 years